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Ziggy Dry Mat

Classic white and blue waterproof anywhere beach/picnic mat perfect for beach or picnic.  Loops for stakes works in grass and sand at each corner to help hold the dry mat down on your family adventure.  Comes with stakes and pouch to keep stakes in.  

The Dry Mat was born as a solution/alternative to blankets or other mats that moisture can penetrate. Just when you think the grass is dry, and you set up for a picnic you get that little bit of moisture that seeps through and the mood is ruined. Our stay dry mats are the perfect hybrid for all your outdoor adventures. Great for the wet grass to stay dry, and the best option for the beach to keep the sand from coming through. Our Mats have a double layer of cotton with our waterproof lining tucked in between.

SIZE 43” x 65” 

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