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Shop Katie May ( has rebranded to Ewamay ( The rebranding took place January 27th, 2022. Owned by Katie May, the rebrand reflects the ongoing and exciting changes behind the scenes of the brand, mainly May’s growing family. Ewamay will retain the charm of matching mommy + me collections with a focus on higher-end pieces with a more sophisticated flair.

Ewamay is a brand known for quality craftsmanship as each piece is handmade by a small and dedicated team in Mexico. Each Ewamay piece is original to the brand and cannot be bought elsewhere. Combining her love of feminine florals and detailed silhouettes, Katie sketches each piece for production. The result is a collection of pieces that are an extension of Katie, her girls, and her world.

Ewamay was founded by Creative Director Katie May. At age 21, Katie May opened up her first clothing store in 2005 and operated it for over 5 years as buyer, manager, and designer creating one-of-a-kind designs. 10 years later, this experience, paired with her background in fashion and marketing, fueled her passion to design clothing for her growing family under the name ShopKatieMay.